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How to rap

Let me break this shit down and make it simple for you niggas
Yo, uh-huh

I remember standing on that block just like yesterday (Uh-huh)
Ds pull up with the captain then I run (Uh)
I turned the street shit into corporate, a pot to a office
I give you How To Be a Rapper 101

First you gotta be nice with it, I built my shit ciphering
Long I was in dark studios, that was the price of it
Syllables, details, Spoon's house where I tightened it (Uh-huh)
Then I got so nice, I looked up and I wasn't writing it
Closer to your dream now, you're ready for a team now
Niggas who keep you focused the only on?s you should be 'round
I chose the hustl?rs who was with me holding the streets down
We making dope money off of a MP3 file (Woo)
Now you go crazy, you make the streets hot (Hot)
They should be playing shit out every car and every weed spot
Every club, every barbershop 'til everything's locked
Make sure when the people speak your name that everything stop
Now look at you, you lit, you gettin' twenty for a feature
Your old hoes gotta hit your manager to reach ya
Your niggas think you changed, naw, that change made you a thinker
You seen this game break the best of 'em, it's gettin' deeper
Remember to stay grounded, don't let it make you to a diva
You know them little traps be in them rap beefs and leeches
The Jack boys'll sneak yas, them tax boys can see ya
Get security and lawyers, then enjoy it with your feet up
Got the labels calling you, they fly you out to talk to you, low-balling you
And kinda still doubt if they could market you (What?)
Turn it down and show 'em that your number was inarguable
And when they double back, you charge 'em triple what they offered you - that's how you rap
They probably thought this was a coke song
'Cause so far, I been the industry's Omar, turned this shit into Snowfall
Go off every chance that I get, I guess I'm a showoff
Flow on any beat that you play, I feel like I showed y'all
When I was up-and-coming, I had your favorites up and running
Had 'em dodging features with me, when my album drop, they ducking
I do press runs, they get quiet, around that time I don't hear nothing
When they drop, I'm in they city, I'm outside like I've been huntin'
Boss shit, investing my own paper now like, "Fuck it"
Built another source of income 'cause rap alone won't cut it
Don't leave no money on the table, let's meet and discuss the budget
If they let me go today, my own career, I could fund it
How they gon' weigh out your legacy? How the critics gon' judge it?
Is your chapter gon' be legendary status when they shut it? (Huh?)
Some word delivery, add in some versatility
Double your workability and now you know how to be a rapper

I remember standing on that block just like yesterday (Uh-huh)
Ds pull up with the captain then I run (Uh)
I turned the street shit into corporate, a pot to a office
I give you How To Be a Rapper 101 (Uh)
I remember standing on that block just like yesterday
Ds pull up with the captain then I run (Yeah)
I turned the street shit into corporate, a pot to a office
I give you How To Be a Rapper 101 (Ah, nigga)

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