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Vii. wooden ladle

(When he had so spoken, I beheld the Angel,
Stretched out his arms, embracing the flame
Of fire, and he was consumed, and arose as
Elijah. Note. This Angel, who is now became a
Devil, is my particular friend. We often read
The Bible together in it's infernal or diabolical
Sense, which the world shall have if they
Behave well. I have also The Bible of Hell,
Which the world shall have whether they will or no.)


Sleep and then you will see,
As you even can't imagine yourself
As sometimes all of the things
Overturn upside-down...

Oh, my dearest!
They seem to be real
And all of them -
I mean those people are sheep who do not differ from one an another

Sleep and then you will see...
Have a look at your dreams -
They are burning in flames
Like the rags torn asunder.

And under you feet...
Can't you see dying days?
You cannot leave
Your sweet "sleepering" chamber

Nobody minds,
That's only a dream.
It's high time to go ahead to bed...
Nothing yet...
Almost done,
Two-faced devil's child,

Rise and cry;
"Nobody won
And lost this one either...
Having arrived from the other side,
Forlorn in silent pride".

Mist and disease do exist in your dreams.
Strange flames are waltzing so beautiful now

Under your feet
And on your way home;
There is no need to cure:
They are your sick overture
Before you go insane at all.
Autumn flames stole your dreams...
Dancing flames stole your soul...
Nobody minds if you fall asleep.

Sleep if you can,
Sleep if you will.
Sleep if you see the bright light next to me.
Sleep if you dare to watch my surprise.
Sleep 'cause I don't care
Haven't you heard my nice lullabies!


Some people only need in food and want to muck
Some of them got to live in fight and have bad luck
Some of them born with a silver spoon in a mouth
And the others with a wooden ladle...
You'll have seen as...

Shall we be fighting with the sin
Has spread abyss as endless sea?
You mean us: It won't touch me
Even if I follow all these fools...

Some people have got to drown and die
In seas or in a glass of wine
And if you share their way -
You will have got the most of attributes.

Dominion do we need? Not quite...

Oh, you had better listen to the rustle of the silent days.
Watch as poor mankind does make a million ways -
During it's countless nights and days
Caught in a trap full of deadly haze. -
It always does search for itself.

Don't give them another chance anymore.
Let them disappoint themselves more and more
Let them drown in bloody sea and stay on the shore. -
They yet wanted all the cares and got them all!

What have you got in a mouth - in a mouth of yours
Who knows of this delicious one tell me - I can't suppose
Let me look at this one in a mouth of yours
Perhaps it sounds great and looks so fun... I suppose

You cannot stay outside the death.
First one that's looking very sad
Don't try to be a GOD
Therefore you cannot be a GOD,
Poor mortal whore

You will have known it very soon
Who gets a ladle or a spoon
Why did you get your wooden one
And who had thrown it into your mouth.

Nobody did believe this:
Thou art not a GOD.
The thoughts of thine with thy wrath are falling apart
Because of idiotic ae thou dost keep in thy mouth...
With ladle thou wert made...
Thou shalt not become the devilkin before it is too late.
Thy wooden ae doth make thee weep
It doth not want thee to eat or sleep -
It doth make thy path pass away
Thou art getting paler day by day...
Try to appease thy angry daemon and keep him in thy mouth
Feed him by thy flesh and thy bones far more than usual
Thou art poor mortal whore...

There is wonderful place - there is beautiful place
Keep your temper - you are not to be in a maze
There is haze of oblivion - wonderful haze
There is wonderful place for your future remains.


Sleep fast and do not be afraid:
When you will have awoke
You'll be rich and mighty as before,
"Mad sea alike thou winna know
Of thine shore, poor mortal whore!"

Sleep and then you will see
Dark and bottomless sea,
Sleep and then you will buy
Hidden essence of thine.

Come along side by side
Next to your filthy pride.
"Evil demons of time
Will have not passed thee by."

Wonder I if you'd mind
Dying now in a sleep?
You are poor mortal whore.
You're degenerate sheep!

Sleep and then you won't see
As the hollow - eyed darkness comes.
Sleep and then you won't see
As the blind moon is arising,

Sleep and then you won't see
All of the sudden cares,
You even do fear
To think of them again and again

Sleep and then you won't see
Sleeping grim entity
If the nightmares of yours
Not suffocate you before.
You are poor mortal whore.

You won't wait for salvation
Whilst you have your nightmares
And sleep deprivation
Sleep and then you will see
Two faces of GOD!!!

Well, it's time to reveal our forces and might
You don't know how to manage him who has arrived
You have done all the screaming already and now
Wring your hands in despair and o don't ask me "How

Am I t' stop it?" - If you leave off rowing it will
Stop of itself - What are you to reveal?
So the boat of yours was left to drift down the stream
So you're desperate one's left to drift down the stream

Lo the blade of one of the oars got fast in the
Water and would not come out again
And the consequence was that the handle of it
Caught you under your chin thus got under your feet!

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Divina Enema is a bit of a mystery to us. Their discography includes At The Conclave and Under Phoenix Phenomenon.

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